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An authentic online resource of travel information about the southern Indian state of Kerala, tourist attractions in the state, activities to do and hotels and resorts for an exotic holiday in Kerala.
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Periyar wildlife SanctuaryKerala: A Well Known Brand
Kerala needs no introduction, the name of the state itself has become a well known brand in the tourism fraternity. Just a mention here, a sentence there and you have vivid images that are visually expressed in your mind resulting in a surfeit of messages that need to be interpreted by your brain. Well, we know that it's a tough ask but that's the kind of effect that Kerala has on people.

Let's put it this way, a brand is a promise and so is Kerala. Anyone who comes in contact with the name quickly thinks of some images that he or she has always associated with Kerala. If they come to the state and don't find it, they are likely to be disappointed. There is a big BUT that will come up here ... here it is ... But, if they come here and find more than what they thought they'd get ... they are likely to return for more of it.

The Turnaround of Kerala
There was a time when Kerala was just an untouched stunner in the southern corner of India. Those who toured India thought nothing beyond Agra and Jaipur. If they did, they went to the Himalayas. Then came a time when people of Kerala realized that there was great potential in their state as far as tourism was concerned and they decided to seduce the world with its charm. Needless to say, they succeeded and what a success it was. It was a classic case of the cooperation of Government, private sector and the People to make use of the innovative products in the tourism sector and a dynamic tourism fraternity.
Brands Within the 'Brand Kerala'
Ayurveda and Kerala
There is only one system of medicine that treats all of us as unique individuals and that's Ayurveda. Contrary to other systems, Ayurveda treats not only the symptoms but the root cause of the disease. The modern system of medicine was ignoring this aspect and the entrepreneurs of Kerala were the first to spot a business opportunity in this need gap. Today if the Ayurveda packages have become almost synonymous with Kerala, it's not without reason.

Kerala Culture
The rich cultural heritage of the state has contributed greatly in keeping the tourists engrossed. They create the visual effects that are spectacular and music that leaves you stunned, in fact everything in Kerala has been created on a monumental scale so it's no wonder if you end up mesmerized by the effect.

Shopping in Kerala
Kerala is a veritable paradise for the shopping addicts who are always on the lookout for something unique so that they can show it off back home. For the starters, we'd suggest the handicrafts and artifacts that are made of coir, coconut shells, wood and a host of other items. You'll find several small items that will make a great souvenir for your Kerala visit.

Hill Stations
There is no reason why you shouldn't be in Kerala, at least that seems to be message Kerala is conveying to you. Along with all other attractions, the hill stations in Kerala are among the most beautiful and right up there if you want to compare these with the other hill stations of India.

... And More
Whatever be it that fascinates you, you'll find a reason to come to Kerala. If you are an art aficionado, come to Kerala. Interested in the wildlife or water bodies, Kerala is there to satiate you.

All this is just an introduction to the fascinating state of Kerala. To know the place intimately, keep visiting. See you.

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