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Festivals in Kerala

Onam FestivalThe festivals in Kerala celebrate life itself along with all its occasions bringing forth the fervour ... and there is no stopping this state when it comes to celebrating the spirit of the people here. The festivities continue throughout the year which is all the more commendable considering the fact that these festivals bring people together.

Though there are many festivals celebrated in the state of Kerala, Onam is the biggest celebration of the year. Other important festivals include Eid and Christmas which are celebrated with as much fervour as are the other popular festivals.

The prominent festivals celebrated in Kerala are the following:
Ochira is a renowned pilgrim centre of Kerala where there is no idol or presiding deity at the Parambrahma temple as the place represents the Universal Consciousness. It is held in the middle of June and it is actually a mock fight enacted by groups of men who are dressed as the warriors on the battlefield.
Thrissur Pooram
It is a major festival celebrated in Kerala which was started by Sakthan Thampuran, the then Maharaja of Kochi state. The festival is also called the mother of all Poorams, as the people from all walks of life participate in this festival.

Thiruvathira Festival
It is said that luck smiles on those who are able to worship Lord Shiva in early morning in the temples on the day of this festival. One version of the legend says that the death of Lord Kamadev is celebrated in this festival whereas another version says that the festival celebrates the birth of Lord Shiva. This festival is quite similar to the one celebrated in Tamil Nadu, called Adra Darshana.

It is definitely the biggest and most popular festival of the state which is celebrated in the memory of the demon king Mahabali. Celebrated in the Malyalam month of Chingam, this festival is celebrated for ten days continuously, though the first and the last days are said to be the most important – Atham and Thiruvonam. On all these days, Pookalams are laid out in the frontyard of all the houses which are intricate floral arrangements to welcome the King Mahabali.

Janmashtami is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna.

Vinayaka Chaturthi
The festival Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated in the month of Avani on the fourth day after the new moon. It is believed that before the beginning of anything auspicious, it is necessary to worship Lord Vinayaka (Lord Ganesh) as it ensures successful completion of work.
Bakr Id
It is one of the grandest of the Muslim festivals and the fervour with which it is celebrated in Kerala is unmatched for you can see people from all religions taking part in the festivities.

Vishu is the celebration of the new year in which the people of the state burst crackers. Though the festival is not religious in nature, people celebrate it with solemnity. It is believed that whatever people see on the first morning of Vishu, sets the tone of rest of the year.

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