Kovalam Beach
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Varkala Beach

Varkala BeachVarkala is a sea side resort situated 54 Km from Thiruvananthpuram. It's a beautiful beautiful beach that has a more than 2000 years old shrine of Lord Vishnu. It is famous for the massage and mineral springs The massage technique has been a closely guarded secret for thousands of years, but for many tourists it's a welcome revival from the toils of the road. The mineral springs are known for their medicinal values.. The Varkala sands has become an ideal spot for confluence of cultures exotic and alien

Varkala is an important Hindu centre for pilgrimage.A two thousand year old shrine of Lord Vishnu, stands on the cliffs overlooking the beach, a short distance away. The Nature Center and two thousand old Janardhanaswamy Temple also attracts tourists at Varkala Beach. Varkala beach is better known as ‘Papanashini’ (destroyer of the sin) since it is believed that dip in the holy water of Varkala beach can pure the body and the soul from all the sins. The best time to visit the Varkala beach is October since it is cool and secluded. Activities at Varkala Beach
Varkala BeachPara sailing
Imagine yourself 75 feet or more above the ocean waves, then the boat stops! You slowly drift downward and just when you are about to get dunked, WHOOOSH, the boat takes off and you go soaring back into the air!

Water Sports
Indulge yourself in various water sports like diving, swimming, water polo, scuba diving Varkala beach is well connected through all the means of transportation. The nearest railway station is 3 km away from the beach . It is 90 minutes away on the bus and is a pleasant convenient place to stop for a night or more or an afternoon when travelling between Alappuzha or Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram.

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