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Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

Indian wolly necked Stork Ciconia episcopus in Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary The two powerful Kannada words that combine to form the name of this wildlife sanctuary are 'Nagar' which means snake and 'hole' which means streams. The place sticks to its name as there are many streams that look serpentine in shape which give a unique hue to the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary. Established in 1955, the earlier years of this sanctuary were much like that of the other sanctuaries as the place was an exclusive hunting preserve of the Kings of Mysore which gradually turned into a wildlife sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit
The winter months are more pleasant to visit the place especially for those who don't want to end up sweating after the tour. Though the chances of sighting wild animals specially the tiger are greater in the summers. Most of the animals gather at the lake in the hot months of March through May thereby providing you with great wildlife views. The moths of June through September, being monsoon months, should be avoided.

The period of March through May is the summer period when the average temperature is always less than 33 Celsius. The winter here is brief and it lasts from November through January when the temperature gets down to 14 Celsius. Though the rainy season is from June through September, the monsoons are generally irregular here.
It is a picturesque elevated market town that is famous among the tourists for its lush plantations of coffee and orange. It is the capital of the Coorg region which is located in the south west Karnataka. The place is not that popular among the tourists but the word is spreading fast so make the most of the situation before the crowds rush in.

Mudumalai (it means ancient hills) is the location of the the Mysore Ooty highway which cuts through the sanctuary therefore if you are travelling on this route, you don't have to do anything special to see the sanctuary, just look out of the window.

The Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary understands exactly what you have come for – to have a good time. Excellent arrangements have been made for you to view the wildlife specially the large groups of elephants, gaur, sambar, chital etc complete with the vehicles and the guides to give you quality time while you are touring the place. For those interested in trekking, the Brahmagiri mountains are there to invite you.

How to Reach?
The nearby areas of Karnataka are well connected with the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary. The Madikeri town is 90 km away whereas Mysore is 96 km away from the sanctuary. It takes about two hours to reach here by road. Mysore is the nearest well connected railway station whereas Bangalore is the nearest well connected airport which is about 220 km away.
There are two rest houses managed by the forest department, though you have to reserve the place in advance. Then there is the Kabini river Lodge located near Karapur which provides good accommodation facilities to the tourists. There is another lodge at Kutta, which is about 10 km away from the reception.

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