Are you a side sleeper, using wrong mattress?

You can really sleep well only if during sleep our body can maintain a correct posture. That’s why we’ll focus on how you can choose the perfect mattress for your back or shoulder muscles. Before going to further, it is necessary to see the various characteristics of the mattresses on the market. The perfect mattress does not exist even though there are excellent mattresses on the market.

Some back problems, in fact, require a hard mattress, others, however, a very tender one. Only a specialist can, therefore, give the best indications according to the pathology found. To make the right decision you have to deal with your needs, your bed, but especially your type of physical constitution, age and body mass index. Certainly you cannot go wrong if you rely on an ergonomic mattress that can support the spine in the best way.


Latex mattresses seem to be the ideal choice if you are light-weighted or are used to having a very agitated sleep and often turn around during sleep. In addition to this latex is an excellent material with antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. This intrinsic characteristic makes it suitable for allergy sufferers.

The spring mattresses help to distribute body weight along the entire length of the bed. They are stiffer than the first and adapt to those who, during the night, sweat a lot and therefore need more help to combat this problem. Memory Foam mattresses, however, takes your body curves and fits into it to provide best support to the spine and shoulder pain, which makes it the best mattress for side sleepers. They can, in fact, be self-modelled to the contoured body, favouring the distribution of pressure evenly and stimulating blood circulation. They distribute a lot of heat to the body and make it more suitable for those who are more cold and less to those who usually sweat and get very hot.

However, modern technologies have allowed the development of the Tammy mattress. This is a self-modelling mattress with Dynamic Memory Foam. It is a high density thermosensitive mattress capable of a perfect and pleasant feeling of body wrapping, eliminating all points of non-adherence or excessive pressure and thus ensuring a perfectly ergonomic rest.

Latex mattresses, which are more suitable for light-weight people, and spring mattresses, suitable for those who are very hot and sweat a lot during sleep, Tammy, thanks to its innovative features, is able to meet the needs of all customers and to please everyone.