Is it your stress or your mattress: what to know?

There are many reasons that you may not able to sleep at night which we will discuss later on but before that let us talk about your mattress. If you take a short time to read thesetempurpedic mattress reviewsyou will know that this foam mattress will be your friend and as we know ‘’ prevention is better than cure’’.

Tempurpedic memory foam mattress can help you to feel like sleeping on clouds. It is so soft it takes the gap of your body curves and set itself likewise. When you wake up you feel no stress in your spine. Despite our best efforts, there are nights when sleep just does not come. Is it happening due to your extend stress or is it your fellow mattress? May be not now but after a while you will be feeling a small pain in tour buttocks and then it will grow to your spine and later on shoulder.

It was fist invented by NASA to support their astronaut’s spine during take-off from the massive lift off pressure of the rockets. Imaging the same space technology is now used to give you comfort and hold your body curves during your sleep. It is more than enough that any mattress can provides you. For many of us, spending the night sleeping restless sleep is not an option. In the morning, the world continues to spin and expects you to be fit and enthusiastic.


Although consistency may be difficult for those with an irregular schedule, it is a relative concept that can be adapted for those who sleep during the day. For example, going from a night shift to a day shift will be easier if you take naps or sleep shorter periods to “catch up” with your sleep.

Go dark side

When you’re ready to go to bed, plunge your room in the dark. The light from passing cars and the light from streetlights reflected in the room cause more damage to your sleep cycle than you think. These lights stimulate your brain and reduce the production of melatonin. If none of these methods work for you, boil some water and prepare a chamomile herbal tea, pick up a book or magazine or read about historical facts or recent discoveries.